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A 6-Session Online Course with Linda Fitch

 shaman, teacher, coach 

and creator of the transformational programs

Dream Into Being, Your Extraordinary Story,  Wake Up Laughing
Change Your Story, Change Your Life,
 and Slice of Time

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What does living a sacred life feel like?
What does it look like?
How do you know you have a deep connection to spirit?


We're in a time of massive transformation, personally and globally. 

Individually and collectively, we need tools, practices and solutions to help us navigate the transition and changes happening. There is tremendous urgency on the planet to become awake, aware, enlightened…. to be of service, like a light house to be the right loving and right action needed “now”.
You are critical to creating the transformation possible. 

To live as if all of life is a miracle takes tremendous courage and a new set of paradigms and practices.  Daily magic is possible and connecting to the magic present changes the vibration of the planet allowing the shift of consciousness to happen. 
Shamanic practices offer a road map.

I know. I’ve been a practicing shaman for more than 25 years and trained thousands of students in shamanic healing techniques.

Whether you’re completely new to shamanism or an experienced practitioner, you will discover simple, new, effective and transformational tools and practices to loosen the grip of old memories and stories – often formed in childhood – and their limiting beliefs, and come into honoring of ancestral and family genetics,  your blood and bones,


You will be supported, guided, and directly connected to spirit – to the cosmos and earth, and plant a new seed of your becoming to be held by the sacred trees

As you connect to source or spirit you can become the very best version of yourself, living your most authentic, passionate and joyful life. And sharing that love and light vibration with others and taking the actions critical for the planet and all those on her right now.

Based on time-tested shamanic tools, practices and more, Magic and Miracles: Living a Sacred Life will be an amazing personal journey of transformation, starting as all journeys do, with you.

It’s a Journey that allows you to wake up every morning, in deepest gratitude knowing your life is magical and full of miracles.


Magic & Miracles


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My name is Linda Fitch, and I’ve been a practicing shaman for more than 25 years.

 I've trained thousands of students in shamanic healing techniques. Sharing skills and practices to help you live a sacred life is my passion, my soul’s calling.

I've seen what a difference shamanic tools and practices can make, transforming fear, trauma, scarcity, lack of time into being on your soul’s purpose, full of action and passion, love and joy.
I’ve seen students and clients change old limiting beliefs, shift the pain, suffering and sadness in family lines, release cultural and subconscious patterns, and even shift illness into health. 
I've witnessed lives absolutely transformed, and deep connections forged to the sacred so you will “know” you always source from spirit.
And you CAN have that too.

That’s why I created Magic and Miracles: Living a Sacred Life. So you can have all the tools , practices, exercises and so much more, PLUS a personal guide (me and other spiritual teachers) to help lead you through the steps to the journey.

Our souls yearn to be and stay connected to spirit, source, God, the Divine, to not be caught in old story, old memories, caught in ego not living your purpose…..caught in the arrow of time, living only in your left brain. 
I know.  I've been there too, yearning to live a magical life.

But the old story was safe and familiar. I had so many good things. I was so, so, so busy… with kids, work and life.
And I didn’t want to rock the boat, I was afraid of what change might do to my life, and that fear stopped me from having the courage to transform, stopped me from even exploring possibilities. I pushed transformation away.  I thought I could ignore it, wait it out, and deal with my yearning when I had more time, or the time was right. 
Spirit heard my soul's longing for transformation and took the matter out of my hands. I was catapulted into transition. Like many of you – whether through job loss, financial struggles, illness, accidents, the end of a relationship, trauma or something else – I was thrown into a dark night of the soul.

I had to look at family patterns, hurts and hatred, trauma and shame. And to keep moving forward and healing, because deep down I was afraid of who I would become if I didn’t follow my soul’s calling.
I found that the shaman’s skills and practices offer THE format for transformation … a way to connect with spirit, to the earth and cosmos, so you connect to your soul and stay in relationship every day. The shaman’s practices allow you to step outside of time, balance your heart and soul with family and work.

You can live a magical life, that it is full of miracles.


This is my invitation to you to come experience being guided on a road map of transformation to magic and miracles.  Yes, you'll have to look at and work with things that may be uncomfortable (and keep looking and keep working) but with tools and practices that are effective, quick, not complicated, and work directly with your soul and spirit.


This course gives you practices to live a sacred life.
I (and other bonus teachers) will lead you through the shamanic practices that let you to choose transformation, to choose sourcing from”the sacred as your default – honoring the left thinking brain and left protection brain’s guidance but firmly and deeply in relationship to self and spirit at one.
You will connect with and receive guidance and wisdom from power animals, guides and other realms, experience ceremony, symbolic death, and reconnecting to the drop of god who you really are and allowing that to grow.

So, you can know a life full of magic and miracles – living a sacred life absolutely in joy, peace, and full of light. 



  • Develop a step-by-step spiritual roadmap with resources, tools and practices you can use – over and over again – whenever you begin to feel stuck, not connected to source, encounter obstacles or veer off the path of your soul’s purpose.

  • Know you are connected to Source/Spirit, present in every moment so that you love from your heart…. Loving yourself, those important to you and radiate that love out in the world as your shaman's service.

  • Transform old patterns or triggers of being held by fear, scarcity, guilt or sadness into passion, abundance, love, gratitude, connection and joy.

  •  Come into right relationship with YOUR ancestors so they help create Miracles and Magic in your life.

  • Recognize when you are in the left thinking or emotional brain and when you are connected to the right brain where you become one with spirit, god and the practices and tools to source from where you want.

  • Plant the seeds of your becoming with the qualities you want for the future (becoming the attractor) and taking action to help awaken and heal the planet.


Session 1: Stillness and Right Thinking


In Session 1 we explore the shaman’s tools for living a sacred life. We'll look at how the brain works and what is necessary to energetically release the old stories that live in your body, including conscious and unconscious memories that are part of your energetic field. We will explore how emotional issues and unfinished business can cause heavy energy in your fields, and what to do about it. 

In this session you will:  

  • Dive deeply into the practice of stillness and meditation 

  • Explore the power of ceremony to create new neuropathways to transform to a life of laughter and joy.

  • Discover two core Andean practices; a Saminchakuy cleansing and a Saiwachakuy empowerment from the earth 

Session 2: Being in Right Relationship with Your Ancestors


In Session 2  we identify and take action to release old patterns and stuck heavy energy (hucha) in your family line to help you come into the flow of magic. Your ancestors are your blood and bones and can either help you live in a state of miracles, or create obstacles or blocks. Everything that “triggers” you somewhere is held by your ancestors. How you facilitate the healing needed so all your ancestors are there to help and assist is the big work of Session 2.


In this session, you will:

  • Identify the core limiting patterns and beliefs of your family lines.

  • Use the magic of wind knots and ceremony to honor and bring in the flow of transformation so you can cleanly access the gifts possible

  • Bring to all your ancestors the necessary resources to heal and become awake through working with sacred time

  • Create an ancestor altar to implement the healing of the DNA, through the release of old patterns, memories, programs and beliefs.

Session 3: Recoding Your Brain and Body for Unconditional Munay


In Session 3 we review how our brains are hardwired to keep us  safe and protected, based on past trauma, real or perceived. Using shamanic techniques we'll bypass your brain's survival coding and clear your physical and energetic body to recode your ability to trust that you are connected to spirit and reconnect you to your soul’s purpose.

In this session you will:

  • Surrender to letting go of the old coding that has been held in your tissues, organs and DNA.. in your physical form.

  • Experience a classic shamanic Soul Retrieval journey allowing that younger innocent part to re-awaken and re-passion your soul’s purpose.

  • Feel the alignment of your thinking and loving to become whole so you can take the actions urgent for our planet

Session 4:  Right Action to Plant the Seeds of Your Becoming 


In Session 4 you will strengthen your connection to source so that noticing the magic and miracles around you becomes automatic. Working with the magic of trees, you will plant your becoming so your right action is in alignment with the needs of the planet. Working outside of time and space your will allow the earth and cosmos to potentiate the seeds of your becoming.

In this session you will: 

  • Experience a blessing from Amazon jungle shaman Don Guido.

  • Connect with your ancestor tree(s)

  • Explore in journey the right actions needed for the planet, balancing them for harmony with the qualities you desire so your soul’s purpose is magical

  • Become an attractor for the future by planting and potentiating your seed with the magic of the rainbow tree.

Session 5: A Gift of Healing

Gabrielle Freels.png

With Special Guest Gabrielle Freels, L.Ac DACM

Join us in session five as we step into the transformative world of Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki with Gabrielle Freels. Gabrielle will briefly introduce the power of Holy Fire Reiki and show you how it integrates beautifully with shamanic energy practices.

Gabrielle will then guide you in meditation as you dive into the sacred waters of the Ocean of Holy Love—an enchanting and healing place that is filled with cleansing waters, liquid light, and rainbows of beautiful colors.

The Ocean of Holy Love is an extraordinary experience that allows you to feel held and supported in the light and grace of unconditional universal love.

Gabrielle has been practicing Usui Reiki for 15 years and is a Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master. She has been a student of Linda Fitch for over a decade, and she is certified in shamanic energy medicine through the Four Winds Society. Gabrielle is also a practicing doctor of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Additionally, she coaches classes for Linda and teaches her own Integrative Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki

Session 6: Q&A with Linda


 In this final session, you'll have the special opportunity to hear from fellow course participants.  You won't want to miss this special session!


Magic & Miracles


6 Course Teaching Sessions 

Dedicated Q&A Session with Linda

Course Materials & Handouts

Guided Meditations, Journeys and Ceremonies 

Unlimited Access to Recordings  

Easy-to-use course platform optimized for desktop and mobile

Private moderated WhatsApp group exclusively for course participants 


Special Guest Bonuses 


Wind Knot Training
with Renee Baribeau 

The Practical Shaman


Tree of Life
Reiki Healing Experience

with Traci Ireland 

Mary headshots_169-Edit.jpg

Chakra Alignment Meditation 

with Mary Agnew

Shamanic Medium


Virtual Fire Ceremony

with Dr. Tom Garcia

Reclaim the Sacred  


Heartbeat of the Earth Drumming Meditation 

with John Lockley   

download (1).jpeg

Healing with the Sprits of Nature

90-minute workshop
with Roel Crabbe 

Icaro - Connecting
to the Trees 

with Amazon shaman Don Guido  

Additional Bonus Content from Linda 

magic and miracles Copy.jpeg

Time for Spirit  

4-part mini-course.  


The Grandmother Tree

Guided Audio Meditation  

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Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 12.46.28 PM.png

 Grief Altar & eBook

Resources for working with grief

Shamanic Approaches to Working with Trauma 

90-minute video training with Mary Agnew and Linda Fitch


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Magic & Miracles


Full 6-Session Course with Linda Fitch & guest teachers


Now ONLY $247!*


*Special for you to have practices to transform the world in these critical times

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What Students and Clients Are Saying . . . 


I have known Linda Fitch for more than a decade. Her love of nature and passionate integrity create a generous yet practical personal style. With mind and heart well prepared and wide open, Linda shares wisdom practices she has learned and embodied for our personal and collective co-evolution. 

- Allie Middleton, JD LCSW E-RYT C-IAYT

Integrative Leadership Practices

Linda's courses always give me a gentle nudge to remember to turn inward and listen for that wee small voice that is there for me. It is ever present. Linda is an amazing teacher and a wonderful caring person.  I am continually blown away by her  authenticity, integrity and knowledge. I am grateful to have her as my guide!  

- Mike Winter

Studio Director, Hot Yoga Houston 


Linda's approach to sharing and teaching shamanic skills and practices is brilliant way to allow our souls to release patterns that block our ability to enjoy life fully. And the real beauty is that you can use these techniques at any time in your personal or professional life to shift your story again & again. It’s truly an extraordinary gift.

- Gabrielle Trinity

 MS, Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine


 Linda Fitch has delivered pure shimmering magic into my everyday day world. As my brilliant teacher, shaman, guide & coach, she has created and supercharged an experience of collaborative transformation that has manifested in radical positive expansion of my business, income, happiness and possibilities.

– Teresa F.

Broker I Realtor 

 It is absolutely amazing to feel the energy shift through the exercises in this work. Clearing karmic energy and family lines – energy that changed generations of family dynamics. 

– Cathy W.

This work cleans up the root causes of difficult, destructive patterns that are elusive to conventional thought processes AND moves beyond them.

– Bev C

 Linda has truly and significantly pioneered and paved a beautiful path for optimal growth, optimal healing and an extraordinary opportunity to find our purpose and create a life we are happy to live. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Anonymous


An accomplished teacher, mentor, shaman and coach, Linda is passionate about discovering and sharing tools and practices that can help you become the very best version of yourself.

Linda Square.png

A practicing shaman for more than two decades, she has trained thousands of students in personal development and shamanic healing techniques. The former Dean of the Four Winds Society Light Body School of Energy Medicine, she is widely recognized for her innovative programs, workshops and classes that integrate her experience and training in shamanism, ceremony and ritual, dream work, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the Silva Method and more. 

She has worked directly with shamans and healers of the Andes and the Amazon, and leads multiple sacred journeys each year to the high mountains and jungles of Peru. She also maintains an active personal healing and coaching practice, working with clients around the globe. 


Magic & Miracles



  • How does the online course work?
    This is a LIVE 6-week online course, with new sessions conducted weekly over Zoom. If you are not able to attend live, all sessions (with the exception of Session 5) will be recorded and posted to the course website within 48 hours. You will have exclusive access via private link to the course website which will house all of our materials in the course including recordings, training videos, checklists, templates, PDFs, etc. You can access the website via any device with internet access.
  • Do I need any special equipment?
    The only equipment you’ll need is a computer (or tablet or smart phone) with an internet connection. To attend the live sessions, you will need to download and install the Zoom app. All of the calls and the materials will be accessed online via a private website.
  • What happens after I register?
    You’ll receive an immediate confirmation of your course registration. Prior to our first session, you will receive your personal log-in and password info to the course website and a link to the Zoom sessions.
  • Who can I contact for more information?
    For questions about the course, contact For technical and other support questions, contact
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