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with Linda Fitch

Conscious Dismemberment is one of the basic shamanic experiences. You are taken down to your essence, losing your spirit body to make you more available to the oneness.

The process can be used when things are stuck or things need to be released. Times of grief, frustration, lack of inspiration or poor health may all be times to do a dismemberment journey.


Dismemberment is an act of surrender. Your intention is to go down to molecules, or less… down to nothing. This is your opportunity to reunite with spirit.

Ask for dismemberment, and experience that state of being without form.


You want to dismember your identity and the thought of who you are. You are shifting the frequency and the form. How much you let go of  is up to you – and Spirit; this may not be the right time. You are always remembered in the end, put back together in a new way. You are put together in a new way to get more identity of the universe. 

Stay in the journey – don’t rush things. The spirit body is dismembered and allow it to have its time. Spirit decides when you should be totally re-remembered (which may take time). Come back fully with the call back. 


Enjoy the journey.

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