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Your Extraordinary Story 

Discover the Power of Shamanic Energy Medicine

to help you tap into your own Magical Wisdom 

and create the life you desire.

A pair of transformational new online courses with Linda Fitch

Creating a Sacred Journey

to Reclaim a Magical Life


New to Shamanic Energy Work?

Start your journey here.

Sharing Your Gifts to Create

a Magical World 


Have experience or training in Shamanic Energy Work?

Deepen your practice here.

Linda Fitch is a world renowned teacher, coach and practicing shaman who has studied and worked with the medicine men and women of Peru for more than two decades. The former ​Dean​ of the Four Winds Society​ Light Body School of Energy Medicine, she has trained thousands of students in shamanic healing practices. Widely recognized for her groundbreaking trainings and classes, ​she ​has led multiple expeditions to the high mountains and jungles of Peru. She also maintains an active personal healing practice, working with clients around the globe.

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