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  • Linda L. Fitch

Standing In Your Place of Power

While in New Zealand for a recent Change Your Story, Change Your Life mini-intensive, I learned a Maori word that holds the essence of the Shaman. That word is Tu-ranga-wae-wae (pronounced too-ranga-why-why).

The essence of this beautiful word is that you stand in your place of power, steady and flexible, clear and open and at peace with the world. You know how you stand and who you are, inside and out.

In Maori, the language of the indigenous people of New Zealand, each syllable has a connection that brings in power. Tu - comes from Paptunuka or the earth energy, Ra is the energy of the sun, Naga represents the vibration of all of life and Wae is the divine mother and divine child.

This is the time to stand for who you are. This is time you claim your Tu-ranga-wae-wae and embody with vigilance the practices that keep you strong and connected to the earth, to the sun and to the vibration of all of life. When you claim your Tu-ranga-wae-wae, you realize you are a wisdom keeper - but that wisdom shows up in your life as a twinkle in your eye, a word of gratitude or feelings of joy, bliss or happiness.

A deep thank you to the Maori for the beauty of this saying that embodies the shaman's path of how to walk in the world.

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