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  • Linda L. Fitch

Healing the Global

Most likely you are sensitive, have an amazing “spidey-sense," possibly even aware of other people’s emotions, thoughts and energy.

With the massive transformation happening on the planet right now, you will be feeling it.

We are all unique. Depending on your life experiences, you may resonate with some things and not others. Maybe you notice the fear, anger, danger, unrest or frustration so prevalent in the news.

Maybe you’ve been feeling sick or more depressed lately.... trying to figure out why you feel "off."

Remember the bubbling up of senses may be conscious or unconscious feelings.

What can you do about all the global pain and suffering and trauma that is being stirred up right now?

The key is to work your ancestor line with praise and honoring.

What you are feeling is somewhere back on your lineage line or you wouldn’t be feeling it.

Think about it. There are thousands of things happening around the globe that don’t trigger you. The reason some do is because back, back, back, way back. . . what is stirred up in you – the fear, anger, sadness – was experienced by an ancestor and never worked through or healed.

Dr. Joan Rosenberg and Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor both say the same thing – if you can allow the feeling to bubble up and just “hold” for 90 seconds, it will shift.

Someone back on your family line couldn’t do that, so it never shifted and healed. It was just passed down generation to generation.

Such a gift that you can allow the healing to happen now – to release the trauma out of your lineage line and lessen the resonating planetary burden so more individuals can awaken.

If your ancestors don’t feel honored, they can create energetic obstacles and even financial obstacles in your life. So being in right relationship with your ancestors is critical to creating a life you love.


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