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  • Linda L. Fitch

Of love and honoring

In my last post, I shared about how you're likely sensing the transformation that is happening on the planet right now.

We're all unique. You may resonate or feel some things deeply, and not others. Some things may trigger you. Or not.

You may be sensing more fear, anger or frustration than usual. Or maybe you’ve been feeling fatigued, sick or even depressed . . . unable to figure out why you feel "off."

Whatever is triggering you probably exists somewhere on your family line. Way back, back, back . . . . some specific trauma that was never fully experienced so it couldn’t heal.

Instead, it was passed down generation to generation, to you.

Our normal reaction is to bury the trauma, distract ourselves by thinking it is based on something recent... or ignore it.

There is another way.

There is a shaman’s way of bringing peace and honoring to your genetic line – simple steps to bring deep healing to your lineage line.

Such a gift that you can allow the healing to happen now – to help release the pain and trauma out of your family line and lessening the resonating planetary burden so more individuals can awaken.

The bottom line is IF your ancestors don’t feel honored, they can create energetic and financial obstacles in your life... and for your kids.

Being in right relationship with your ancestors is critical so they feel honored and even more importantly so they can “work” for you... helping you to create a life you love.

Once honored, your ancestors are here to work on your behalf . . . helping you allows them to be in right relationship.

Here are the steps: (If you have resistance to even allowing your ancestors to heal, you may need to do some personal healing work so you can hold space for transformation).

STEP 1: Figure out what needs to be healed.

What has been buried or not acknowledged but is showing up?

Write out the family issues – what words keep showing up…. Include words on your partner's line, or even former partners you have been connected to.

When you can name something, you drain its power. If you don’t have words just feelings, then it is most likely the experience is preverbal (before the age of two or three) and or it happened during trauma.

Remember it is old.

You want to learn to listen for the unsayable…. Which is in feeling or images or dreams, or the complaints.

What are your core obstacles? This is where it takes courage to keep looking deeper…. You want to allow what is there to come to the surface.

Write them down! Keep them simple. Look for the core words.

STEP 2: Acknowledging what is through Ceremony

Remember you only need to notice the emotion for 90 seconds and it shifts. Take each of the words to ceremony, whatever resonates with you.

It can be water, wind, fire, or bury in the earth. Allow each word and the accompanying emotion to be held, gently like a baby, and then honored and released.

STEP 3: Create an Ancestor Altar

Altars have long been used as a way to bring honoring and praise. Create one for your ancestors.

There are no right or wrong steps, but here are some guidelines.

  • Put it on a table…. Not in your bedroom, not hidden but in place that is sacred and private.

  • You can start with a nice tablecloth, adding genealogy records, pictures, jewelry, things they made or like, fresh water, food, flowers, etc. You will need a candle and incense.

  • You can add a grief altar if there is lots of sadness.

  • I typically recommend corn meal or salt around outside or a string to create a “container” for the altar.

  • Light the candle and incense and bring honoring to your ancestors – without them you would not be here.

  • Call on your ancestor with praise and honoring.

    • Say your full name – my name is “xxxxx”

    • Call on all lines of your ancestors – mother, father, grandparents... by name

    • Call on all lines of your partners and past partners... by name.

STEP 4: Ask ancestors for assistance

Bring praise and honoring to your ancestor and then ask them for assistance, to help you with your health, projects, abundance, removing obstacles, anything and everything.

As much as you can make the process full of love, and laughter and joy.

STEP 5: Listen

There are many other steps you can add as ways to be in right relationship with your ancestors and receive their assistance, but at the core is an active Ancestor Altar.


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