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VIDEO: Visioning the Life You Desire

Visioning the Life You Desire – The Shaman's Way of Seeing

April 21-24, 2016

Connect with your voice of intuition and learn skills and techniques to become master of your own life. Learning the skills of what to “see,” known as Tracking or Divination by the shaman, is vital to creating the life you desire. Join Linda Fitch and Sonia Sommerville in beautiful Sun Valley, ID this spring to explore the power of traditional forms of visioning and uncover your own unique “medicine.”

This class is packed with powerful skills that allow your vision to be clearer and your intuition stronger. You will learn brand new material on how to make and use your own divination power objects, how to receive guidance from the natural world and so much more. Whether you’re completely new to shamanic wisdom or an experienced student, you’ll discover and develop brand new skills to be a gifted shamanic tracker.

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