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Touching In For 2017

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How are you being stalked, right now? Yes, stalked!

When life gets rough, what is the primary way that you get pulled down into it? Is it anger, inner turmoil, negative self talk or thoughts, old family patterns, grief, sadness, depression? How is the global pattern of these times showing up for you personally right now?

Remember, these are the times we have been called to - we have each personally chosen to be here now, and everything is up. Deep down, we each know this. But it is so easy toget caught up in a version of yourself that is definitely not your "best or highest" self - who you could be or who you want to be. In these times it seems easier than ever to get caught in a darker, smaller, painful, stuck version of yourself with a single thought.

So how do you get out of those darker moments?

Step 1: Recognize this is NOT the best version of yourself.

The universe will show you what is happening. Awareness practices are key. Be awake so you are the conductor of your own life.

Step 2: Ask, is it yours? Does it belong to you?

I understand that these are your feelings or pain, but they may not even belong to you. Maybe it is the family grief or sadness, or you may be holding the earth's pain or the anger of the feminine or the oppressed.

What's needed is to send it out from stalking your sacred personal space. As a friend recently said, "to shake it off." These times require you to do your own personal work, but you must stay present and awake to do what you have been called to at the soul level.

Step 3: Move, shift, or change.

Here is one easy and beautiful process I learned from my therapist, a 70-something wise woman and energy master.

  • Begin by grounding to the earth. It may be easier to do this by being in or looking out at nature.

  • Say the following mantra using your full name: "My name is Linda Lee Fitch (your name, of course). I am no one but Linda Lee Fitch (again, your name instead). Anything that is not in my highest good or best version of me must leave, now!"

  • Allow the energy to drain out of your space.

  • Do this as many times as needed until you feel yourself clear.

What I love about shamanism are the practices that work.

There are so many processes you can do on our own that help bring effective change: unwinding through the Tupi process, creating a grief altar to allow the deep sadness to drain away, house clearing/cleansing and protections, or an Aya (death) Despacho to close an old pattern.

Keep things moving with your personal work and then stay awake and notice what changes in your life to have you creating a highest and best version of yourself.

Be sure to slow down and be mindful of what allows you stillness. Notice and be aware.

What is your stillness practice? Is it walking the dog, playing the piano, gardening, meditation, doing the dishes, sitting on the earth? Just do more of what you can and what works for you. It is easy with New Year's resolutions to want to add new things rather than finding the internal peace you already know. Keep learning and know you already have the skills.

Step 4: Become the visionary.

You can do this whether you become active in your community or actively create your world in ceremony. In the words of Maya Angelou:

"We are all at once both a composition and a composer. We have the ability not only to compose the future of our own lives, but to help compose the future of everyone around us and the communities in which we live."

Step 5: Love!

To love yourself is the most important step in becoming the best version of who you are. Love others; even strangers; and love the earth and all she gives to us. Come back to your heart to change the vibration of this "moment in time" to compose your world and our world.

I hope our paths cross in 2017 and wish you the very best version of who you want to be.

In love,


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