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  • Linda Fitch

Your Worst Enemy

Who is your worst enemy? The answer may surprise you. Or for those of you who have done lots of personal work, it might not.

Our very worst enemy, hands down, is ourselves.

There is no one who knows you better, knows your weaknesses, your deepest fears that you are not enough, your worst self thoughts, and fears about the future than you.

In shamanism we call this “worst” of you self-sorcery. Self-sorcery is rampant and one of the most important concepts to understand and shift in your life.

It is imperative to stop – Stop thinking negative things about yourself or using negative self language. No more of the I’m stupid, or fat, or ugly, or lazy, or whatever (any thing that you hate about yourself. Now, most of you would NEVER think of say those things about someone else. But you don’t think twice about what you say to yourself.

Another way to think about it is as mental house cleaning. For example, I’ve recently changed the word “perfect” in my language to “excellent” as a way to create more possibilities.

This is especially important to ANYONE reading this, because you, those of you who are reading, walk with and hold so much power. Your neighbor or co-worker may be able to get away with saying those kinds of things but not you, because of the power you walk with. The energy that backs your words is like a lightning bolt.

You are called to hold the new vision for the world, a higher vibration of possibility, the vibration that is of self love and peace. Hold that high vision of yourself and take a moment to say it out loud. Say your name…xxxx – I Love YOU!

And feel that ripple out into the world.

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