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Being Complete

I don’t know about you, but I have things in the back of my mind that keep showing up. Like when you go to purchase a new vehicle and start looking at one make or model – and suddenly you begin to see that exact car everywhere you go.

As some of you know from my own personal parallel life story (you can read it here), before I graduated from college I had it all planned out on what I was going to do (car make and model). Since I did not have a job lined up, I was going to hike the Continental Divide and then head to Alaska to live.

As the story goes, I was then offered a great job (different make and model) which I accepted... and my gorgeous life unfolded, including my great husband of 30 years, three kids and all the amazing NLP and shamanic skills I’ve had the chance to learn, experience and teach.

Telling the universe clearly what you want is part of the manifestation process. As long as you keep “that thing” on the internal list, the universe continues to help create or manifest it for you.

As an example: also on my internal wants list from before I got married, was to live on a year-round creek and hear the water each night. Now, I had moved to Utah, and in Utah any kind of natural water is extremely rare. Then one day as I was driving, I saw a FOR SALE sign for some property right along the only year-round creek in the valley. It was part of a family trust due to a disagreement, one of the family members was selling their beautiful four-acre parcel – with a creek running right down the middle.

This was exactly what I’d asked the universe for.

I knew either we needed to purchase this piece – or I needed to take that “living on a creek” off my internal list. I’d asked and it was given. Now the ball was in my court. I knew the property would not stay on the market long, because I’d put energy into looking at it, and it would be visible. I can’t tell you how many people told us after we built that they had just been looking at that piece of property right before we purchased it. You must take action.

It is important you recognize what is on your internal list so that you take action once it is given; or take it off the list so it is complete. Maybe life has shifted and you are now down a different direction (make and model) – it is all good. Just take it off the internal list.

My husband Todd and I do periodic planned “couple” time where we look at what is on our internal list(s) to ensure our energies are directed towards similar manifestations as individuals and as a partnership. One of our favorite processes is to step out in time and then move back to the future, instead of creating what we want from now forward.

We both have had living in Alaska on our internal lists; but when we discussed this 5 years ago decided to wait until the kids were more independent and graduated from school before we explored this option.

Todd’s current company knew he was interested in moving to the Pacific Northwest area and last week offered him a job – In Alaska! And they are willing to pay some towards a move; thanks universe!! Once again, I had the deep knowing this was exactly what we had asked for and either we take the move, or take it off the list. Adventure and the new sacred mountain of Denali only 2 hours away made the choice easy.

He heads up to Fairbanks and I’ll stay until the house sells. I have a sacred beautiful home, on a year-round creek 30 minutes from Park City for sale (45 minutes to SLC) if anyone has bald eagles, cranes, deer, fox, elk, wild turkey, a large reservoir for boating or ice fishing within 10 minutes, and a small loving town on your ….internal list.

Here are the steps for you to do your own internal review:

Make a List of what you have:

  1. Started but not working on

  2. In progress, but NOT complete

  3. Almost complete, but still NOT finished

  4. Things unable to start

  5. Things unable to stop

Then edit your lists. What no longer fits your life and needs to come off to free up energy for your life? What need to be completed?

Take a look on what you have on your internal lists. All things incomplete rob you of the power and energy to manifest what you do want. Be complete all the time! It is important you periodically clear or clean off your lists; say no to those things that no longer fit the direction you are going (like playing the violin, or picking up weaving again for me) and be complete – energetically.

And let me know if you or someone you know are interested in a gorgeous property and sacred home,

With love,


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