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  • Linda L. Fitch

Step up...step in

Back in September of 2018, I shared how I felt like I’d been swallowed by a whale and spit out several months later. (You can read my story here.) Since then, I’ve had many students and clients contact me for sessions or advice …feeling like they too were stuck, in crisis or their own version of that whale. When I wanted the next year to be different…what did I do? I invested everything back into my inner game – doing deep personal work using every resource I could find. I was committed to a different story. Perhaps you find yourself in a similar situation this year? What I did – and you can to…. Pause…listen…know spirit is there with guides and assistance in all the realms. Forgive yourself for creating a life you may not be in love with…and invest back in you. I created my own shamanic forgiveness process, a powerful process that enables deep inner healing work using the shaman's tools of honoring and ceremony, and then helps you create a life you fully love… one of your highest best versions. Learn more about it here. [LEARN MORE ABOUT IT HERE] I noticed when I was caught in poverty consciousness…I realized how caught I was when I started to cry about not registering for a class I wanted to take due to the cost (and immediately registered). Maybe you feel caught in poverty like I did. This is the time to invest back in YOU… and step in and do the inner work. I was vigilant about my inner work, including my self-talk, noticing immediately when life stopped flowing and each time investing in sessions. I read and listened to personal growth and business books, and invested in coaching and showing up in a new way…knowing that becoming a better me was the only option acceptable. I worked with shamans Don Guido and Dona Julia and looked even deeper. I showed up! I learned the power of true gratitude… I stepped into gratitude again and again. Am I done? Absolutely not… I’m being “called” to the next best version.

This requires staying awake and noticing, committing to working on more old beliefs, old family patterns, old karma. I offer this in my online course Wake Up Laughing: Living A Life You Love (a fully revised, updated and renamed version of last year's class, Mastering the Art of Letting Go). Registration for Wake Up Laughing will open again in 2020, but you can get on the waiting list now. If you didn’t take part last year – or want to participate again – sign up here and be among the first to know when registration opens.

Want more? Take a quiet moment and journal about or meditate on:

  • Where were you when you started the year?

  • Where are you now… as you end the year? (Be sure to celebrate your growth and gifts and awesomeness).

  • Where are you going? And how are you going to invest back into your inner game to create a life you love even more?

A Gift for You

To help you invest back in your inner game and become one of the very best versions of your becoming, I’ve created a special, FREE 2-part video Masterclass, Finding Freedom: Healing the Past & Transforming the Future.

Traci, one of my students, had this to say about it:

"This process will guide you through the deepest places of shifting your old patterns and allow more freedom to create peace and move forward in your life in a new way. It gets to the stem, the root and core of the place that has limited or stopped you from having freedom."

It’s my free gift to you.

Be committed to being fully in love with your life in 2020. End the year strong. When you are in love with your life then you have the greatest impact in the world.

Soaring with you into 2020…

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