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  • Linda L. Fitch

The Very Best of You

I will try to keep this short. I'm sure your inbox and your social media feeds are as overwhelmed as mine, whether it's assurances from companies that they're doing everything they can to stay up and running, updates on the latest data, or tips on how to stay healthy and safe.

I haven’t had a chance to read everything (and probably better if we don't), but there's one message I haven’t seen yet.

And it's actually as critical as washing your hands.

For those who are awake and open, these are extraordinary times. Whether you consider yourself a spiritual practitioner, a healer, a shaman, a meditator, a chaplain, just sensitive or even just an observer – if you are reading this… this is for you.

One of my teachers from many years ago once said that when the tsunami comes, the spiritual person grabs for their surfboard while everyone else runs for the hills. I was a good student, but I was raised in the mountains and not comfortable with water, so the metaphor never really worked for me. Maybe that's why I always remembered it.

In a tsunami, of course head for higher ground… do not rush toward danger. Have your bag packed and be prepared – wash your hands, respect social distance, help reduce the risk to others and stay safe – and know that now it is time to be of service to those who are safe with you.

Know in every cell in your body, this is your time – your time to really become the best version of you.

Know that all your experiences, skills, practices, knowledge and wisdom have brought you to this moment NOW to offer your service to the world. This is a huge wave … and all your skills, inner work, wisdom are your surfboard. This is what you ride, back where you and your loved ones are safe, to be of service there.

This is what you are here to do… NOW.

My clients are a tiny cross section of you – and they are feeling the energy swings happening, the energy of not knowing and the running for the hills, just as you are. It was an honor to work with them this week and really experience how unique each of their calls of service is right now. Not service in a year, or month or after they get trained in some new modality, but their unique way to be of service... NOW.

Again, these are your times!!

Their gifts of service ranged from working with the earth, creating grief altars, helping to honor and shift the old hidden energy of a similar vibration to the 1918 pandemic, offering virtual ceremony, belly laughter, Facebook Lives to their communities, calling friends who had slipped away, connecting even more with their community, taking leadership roles in their fields, helping others shine and share, being upbeat and positive on the phone, being present with their kids, prayers for the earth, and flat just loving so much more.

This is the time the very best part of you is called to step out into service.

It is your time and you have prepared an entire lifetime to be here. You have the skills and wisdom. What I want to know is do you have the courage to see that, express that, share that? To plant the seeds of our future humanity… of joy, of laughter, of love, of presence and honoring and gratitude today… amplified by the energy of the stars happening now.

I can’t wait!

Please make this message yours NOW… and share it.

The very best of YOU.

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