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  • Linda L. Fitch

Called Forward by a Dream

I still remember exactly where I was…camping on the Oregon Coast, with my relatively new husband, in an older but new-to-us cabover camper. I’m back there in a second; I can feel him still asleep, and even feel myself looking down at my watch, wondering what time it is since it felt so early…Yes it was. 3:30 a.m.

I can still hear the words that had awoken me … the feelings… and that core image that had been so clear moments before.

I was absolutely awake – the me in the dream was calling me. Inviting me, asking me not to go back to sleep to my life.

It was this dream – more than 30 years ago now – that called me onto the path I walk.

It is this dream that still calls me... at times even demands... that I move forward into it. It has propelled me into exploring, clearing, healing, learning and questing to become a better version of myself. To become worthy of that dream, worthy of stepping into and allowing it to manifest.

Deep gratitude inspires me to be worthy of the dream.

It informs my heart's longing for skills, practices, tools and experiences that work…infused with the call of service to create maps for others… to share those so that you too can experience shifting your core structure… to be informed by and called into a better version of yourself.

I dug deep into dreaming and found the incredible connection it has to a spiritual path…a shamanic connection…brain science…manifestation. Offering tools that still floor me, practices that are my go-to’s and inspire me to consciously be awake.

I’m in awe of, and still such a student of the magic possible.

Tonight is a super Full Moon (also called the Flower Moon to honor Spring in the northern hemisphere). Many people find they are more “awake” during the full moon or awaken easier. It is perfect to use these liminal times to reconnect with your own soul dream. Everyone has one – even if it was never conscious.

Play, invite it in, enjoy and surrender to the dream that is calling you forward.

Dream well.

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