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  • Linda L. Fitch

Loving What Is

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 14, is the New Moon.

As with each new moon, now is an excellent time to set your goals… and this new moon also has the extra energy of the planet Pluto (which conjuncts just before the new moon).

Pluto adds the compulsive desire to achieve those goals, to take the actions needed to create a life you love. It is the “motivation in action.”

Thank you Pluto!!

So now is the time to strengthen your inner motivations and make this a time of transformation and regeneration. Harness the full potential of this moon phase to look at what needs to be released and left behind . . .

Leave behind any anger, fear, hate, loneliness or frustration so you can focus on creating that future you love.

How to leave it behind?

The first and most crucial step after identifying what you are thinking of as negative is to “Love What Is!!” Love it all, every emotion, every pain… open your heart and hold that “contraction,” whatever it is.

As you wrap yourself around “what is,” any stuck energy becomes free. Expansion happens and you breathe in transformation, all with the frequency of love.

Wishing you clearing, love and what is,


PS: I've recorded a special journey for you for this New Moon, to help you create a beautiful new dream for yourself, for your family, for your loved ones and for the world. You can download and listen to it here.

It's my gift to you.


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