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  • Linda L. Fitch

Parallel Lives and the Great Divide

Warm wishes in this time of shifting and change.

I'm lavishly enjoying the last days of summer warmth by sleeping out on the back deck under the stars for as many nights as I can before the fall cold comes to Utah. Summer was absolutely amazing- lovely trips to Peru and the Holy Mountain (Don Francisco said it was the best trip he'd ever had up to Salkantay), beautiful trainings and classes in Utah, Georgia, Colorado, Cape Cod and Florida, and time with family and friends hiking, camping and more hiking and camping.

I spent six days of hiking the Continental Divide in southern Colorado. This was big for me. Years ago, as I was finishing college, I knew exactly what I was going to do once I graduated: hike the Continental Divide from Mexico to Canada, and then get a job in Alaska. But . . . I was offered a nice full-time job - and being the smart person I am - I took it. This is where an energetic parallel life was created. I never completely closed that other life... the one where I hiked the Divide and went to Alaska to live.

Over the years I've hiked and explored many amazing places, including traveling to Alaska several times. The trips to Alaska were definitely not among my favorites, and I've done no hiking anywhere near the Divide, - until now - even though at one time I was going to spend four or five months there.

When I was introduced to the concept of parallel lives by one of my teachers, a light bulb of understanding went off for me. Think about all those times where it feels as if your emotions have no relevance to your current situation or moment. When a parallel life is operating in our life, we are constantly being affected by this other life - including all the emotions from it. In this case, it is as if part of me did go ahead and hike the Divide and go to Alaska. I created a parallel life.

To close these parallels, we must walk through them and get all the gifts they offer, like the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness and mountains. When you walk the line you will also "see" all that this life would have held for you, which for me would have been lots of alcohol, many unhealthy relationships and a beat-up body. The bottom line is that it's very clear I made the right choice in taking the job I did.

It is important to close all the energy from each parallel life and sweep it clean, back to the moment it was created, which for me was when I chose the job. Until I closed this parallel life, I couldn't even think of hiking the Divide. This last winter I read several books, got the lighter weight gear, and my husband and son Cody joined me in finally putting a check mark on the "done-it" list this summer. Not the entire Divide, just a small beautiful chunk of it.

I'm happy to share the process I created to close these kinds of parallel lives; there are other parallels from past lives or other realms too. Just send me a note that you'd like to receive it. It walks you step-by-step through the process. Start by looking for the places in your life where it feels like you created or left a Y - meaning a choice that was not closed when you moved forward in another direction. Only you will know these places. The process is easy and you can use your stones to anchor in the lines and take the gifts. It is important to be energetically complete so all parts of you can be present for these amazing times of shifting and changing we are experiencing.

You have so much assistance right now to create the life you want. Ask for help to stay in the place of abundance and ease and joy. Thank you each for all you bring to the world and for allowing me to be part of your life.

With much love for the coming months,


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