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  • Linda L. Fitch

Come Into Alignment

Our goal is to be in alignment: with our physical bodies, our emotions, with work, with our soul and at the spiritual level. Some days it feels a bit like juggling balls, or a puzzle with pieces missing. And when we can’t find that missing piece, or the balls start dropping, our worry often goes to why we can't stay in alignment.

So, how does being out of alignment show up for you?

The key is to first notice when you are off, not jumping immediately to the fixing. Or even worse being critical of yourself. Don't fall into self-sorcery.

For me this last week it was in food. Sugar to be specific and my eating was right in my face (literally).

After months of eating little or no sugar, I suddenly I had to buy the most awesome Paleo chocolate scones in Hailey, Idaho after teaching a Sacred Time class. Then I found the gluten-free (I’d marry you) brownies I'd made and buried in the freezer for special occasions, and pulled out the biggest package. On night three it was the chocolate-covered almonds from Starbucks that I'd had in my bag for months. And finally, on the fourth night – and this was the tipping point that woke me up – was tearing into the bag of the almond M&M’s that had been in the drawer for at least two months.

Now I'm awake. Perhaps I could have noticed when the screen on my phone shattered, as it sat under my chair (glass protector totally un-touched) on the last day of class, or when I fell back into an old family pattern. But the sugar hangover definitely got my attention.

The first step is identifying "how" you know you are out of alignment. This may show up as confusion, drama in your life, or going into a "rant," feeling like you are moving in molasses, something physical with your body or, like me, with food.

Once you are awake, next is to notice when it happened. For me, it was the phone day, and it happened to be a day I was busy and ignored this obvious sign that something was off. If you can figure out what happened, that's lovely. Or find a practitioner or someone to help.

The third step is to change the vibration. Remember, gratitude is the quickest way to shift your vibration, and if possible laugh – at yourself. Laughter gets oxygen to your brain and helps you think and thus helps you find that missing piece, or that ball that dropped that you can toss back in the air.

Now where is that celery?

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