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  • Linda L. Fitch

MYTH #3 of the Human Story - “I am separate. . ."

Myth #3 of the human story – that we are separate – is so woven into our Western world beliefs of religion, science, psychology and business that it is hard to realize how deep the threads go.

Friend and theologian Terri Daniels explains this religious separation myth beautifully:

“In most Western world religions, we are taught that God is a ‘being’ that displays human characteristics. This god is commonly perceived as a father figure who resides in a realm separate from the world of humans, and from that realm ‘he’ creates and manages everything in the universe.

In other words, we are here, and God is somewhere out there. This god lives in a sphere that none of us can see or access, except for a few select humans who can be in direct communion with God.

This belief perpetrates the idea that we are separate from the universal forces that fuel everything we experience, rendering us essentially powerless. The myth of separateness is foundational in Judeo-Christian thinking.”

There’s a widely held belief that science and spirituality are not compatible because science is based on evidence and spirituality is based on faith…..which can lead us to feeling lost without answers. A psychologist friend of mine nearly lost her license because she talked about spirit!

Our unconscious belief of being separate has led to scarcity-driven business practices that are nearly destroying life on earth. As American environmentalist Paul Hawken notes, “There is no polite way to say that business is destroying the world...given current corporate practices, we know that every natural system on the planet is disintegrating. "

Shamanic indigenous wisdom is based on a different core belief…. A belief that everything has a spirit; living beings, animals, all of nature, sun, water, the ocean… everything is made of living energy and we can communicate with all of it.

You are connected to and in relationship with this universal living energy. Shamanism holds a belief that good is unlimited… and you can live an abundant life. You can learn to live in sacred reciprocity, in alignment with the cosmos and nature …. Always in a position of gratitude.

Practice feeling that inner connection…and practice gratitude now. Go out in nature and sit on the earth. Or at your next business meeting or even grocery shopping, bring a prayer of gratitude to everything you see, sense, hear and feel. This may be something like…. "thank you spirit for this tree, for the breeze, for the cold of winter or warmth of summer. Thank you for these clothes, this food, for a job, for clean water to drink, for all of the abundance around me."

Shamanic wisdom offers knowledge and a way of being to create a new planetary story.

Come dive deeper into the experience of being interrelated and inner-connected, at peace with gratitude as a way of life, in my upcoming online Advanced and Introductory courses, Your Extraordinary Story.

I invite you on a sacred journey to create a magical story for yourself, your family and the world.

Yours in connection,

Linda PS: Although the classes meet live for weekly sessions (6 weeks for the Intro course, and 8 weeks for the Advanced) starting next week, you can also experience the Your Extraordinary Story courses on your own time and on your own schedule. Every class session will be recorded, with all replays & all worksheets provided! You can join us via phone, computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world. So don't let concerns about time or distance be a factor. Remember, we are ALL connected! Register now.

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