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  • Linda L. Fitch

Amazing remembering…. and joyful forgetting

The shamanic path is a path of remembering.

I’m sure you have had one of those “remembering” moments. A visceral full body Aha, YES!

Mine happened last week in the most unexpected way.

I’ve been participating in a series of amazing online blessing ceremonies that take place about once a week or so. On this particular day, I was traveling, and when it was time for the blessing, I pulled off the road and stopped at a local park.

I’d just driven through the mountains with lots of traffic and no cell service, so it was nip and tuck whether I’d make the call. I was sure my dog Buddha needed a potty break, but there wasn’t enough time to take him out and connect for the meditation.

I chose the meditation.

As I started, my mind was suddenly full of unhelpful thoughts. The back seat started to reek of dog farts, and I was consumed by an internal dialogue of back-and-forth self-talk.

One part of me was convinced I should stop doing the meditation immediately and take him out, or there would be dog poop all over the inside of the car; the other part rationalized that I had wipes in the car and it could all be cleaned up.

While I’m doing the requisite breath work and clearing my chakras with light and mantras, Buddha is prancing back and forth in the back seat; it smells, and my thoughts are going for it.

I finally reached the 7th chakra when the Aha! happened.

It was a super clear voice that said…. “Linda, you can choose shit or you can choose grace. It is your choice… you choose. You can’t hold both at the same time. Make a choice.”

I consciously chose grace.

Suddenly I was transported up and out of the duality of the either/or. I found myself sitting above the river of life with one foot dangling in the flow of the literal world and the other foot in the flow of grace. Feeling both worlds, but also filled with light…. In the flow of both but sourcing from observer.

It was a place of no words. I struggle to describe it even now except, that it was filled with wisdom and deep understanding.

“Of course there is shit… you are in a human body, as Buddha is in a dog body…. It is part of having that form”. An understanding came…

I'd been struggling with some personal family drama/trauma, and it was clear at that moment that's part of being in a human form too.

The same way giving kisses, eating chocolate, watching sunrises, the ability to hug trees and watch bald eagles in the morning mist comes with being in human form.

Of course, there is shit…. You are in this form… so you can be here to create a life and world you love.

Remembering…. Again, and again is our Aha, our spiritual path.

On tonight’s Full Moon, I wish you amazing remembering…. and joyful forgetting so you can remember again.

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