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  • Linda L. Fitch

A Gift for You: 10 Days of Creating at Source

Everything is about to change.

The Age of Aquarius arrives with the Solstice on December 21, 2020, marking an amazing shift in energy a powerful spiritual updraft to lift you higher and let your ideas soar.

This is your time. With your attention and intention, you can create what you want. But you have to be energetically awake, aware and doing the inner work needed to bring your best self forward.

That’s why I've created 10 Days of Creating at Source as a gift to assist you in remembering and developing your skills of manifestation – creating what you want. Delivered to your inbox, free, daily.

These creation skills are so needed in the world right now!

Beginning tomorrow, and each morning for 10 days, you'll receive a short video from me – each one only about 5 minutes long – with a simple daily reminder, tip or practice to help you create and manifest what you desire.

It's free and it's my special gift to you.

The 10 days of Creating at Source includes daily steps, skills, practices and reminders so you can:

• Create connection – to spirit, to community, and the world • Create love, joy and compassion in the place of anger, shame and fear • Create vibrant energy and health • Create financial security, freedom and abundance • Create peace, within yourself and in the world • Create clarity to know and trust your soul’s calling – and yourself • Create balance in times of chaos and uncertainty

The skills in this program go way upstream in the river of life and create at source, with source, as source.

I hope you'll join me.


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